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Kimerlee Curyl has been capturing America's remaining wild horses since 2004. She has developed a highly unique and recognizable style of capturing the truest essence, spirit and rich texture of the horse. It is that style which is sought out by collectors and collaborators around the globe. Unless otherwise stated these images are all of wild horses, owned by no one and created by the very salt of the earth. Images are captured in their environment and on their terms, absolutely nothing is contrived. These are accounts of their day to day lives living on our vast, yet dwindling public lands. She has traveled to numerous remote and many times isolated locations, earning her place as one of the leading wild horse fine art photographers in the world. Countless hours have been spent observing and understanding the movements, thoughts and shear will of the horse. She is committed to the protection of wildness, her ongoing efforts not only chronicle the freedom of our wild horses on their home territory but more importantly help raise significant awareness for the plight they are continuing to face year after year. Round up after round up. Each collection is the story of a place where wildness still exists...for now. We welcome you to take your time, viewing and reading about the lives of these magnificent creatures...our American Wild Horses.

For fine art purchases contact our studio or one of her representing Galleries for further information. We also have a few select Fund Raising Prints available. For the latest information on events, openings please visit her blog. And for important information regarding the future of our American wild horses and burros on our majestic public lands please visit American Wild Horse Campaign.