The earth we abuse and the living things we kill will, in the end, take their revenge; for in exploiting their presence we are diminishing our future.

~Marya Mannes

This year has been saturated in loss and grief, feeling like my heart is busted on the floor, evaporating like water. That the ground beneath no longer exists and the air has all but left the universe. Through pain and hurt, the medicine of wildness, again, has shown...

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If you find yourself in Austin, TX this fall...

'Nuzzle' is now a permanent installation featured in all of the "Archer King Suites". The lobby features an installation of a beautiful herd of running wild mustangs ~ Honored to be part of this project and very excited to visit this beautiful hotel completed soon. Working with the designer and LodgeWorks has been such...


Love like crazy.

Live with a wild heart .

Be Silent.

Be Loud.

Hug with Passion.

Speak Kindness.

Spread nothing but good cheer.

as always...

May wild things be free...F O R E V E R

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  • May you have a quiet moment to be grateful for your memories, and your dreams yet to unfold.

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving~

Sunshine Siesta

the Outer Banks, NC, 2014



(v.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself in to your work.

Somehow, somewhere I ran across this word and stopped in my tracks. It brought tears to my eyes. It is something that feels so authentic to me it hurts, yet still, sometimes does not feel like it's "enough". We can of course always do more, do better and strive to leave only beautiful footprints....


Yes, a little late with the New Years wishes and resolutions...but it gives us a chance to remember it was just a few weeks ago we were drinking champagne, egg nog, and spending precious family time together - thinking ahead to our visions and dreams for the year.

2014 was a big year. Having my boy come back from foundational training from LS Ranch and having a horse to ride was such a gift and a blessing I never took for granted. I...


Celebrating the beauty, spirit and grace of these creatures is something I'm so fortunate to call my "job". Honored to be showing in the Wildling Museums current exhibition "Wild Spirit". A collaboration with...



Wyoming Mustang Stallions ~ Great Divide Basin ~

Drinking from the well of life...time at the watering hole is equally as sacred for me as it is for them. Stallions challenge for first rights to water, many times as the challenge ensues, a confident mare will take the family band on in to drink. This stallion with an older bachelor stallion had done just that.

Watching them, you could feel the essence of...

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I ADORE fall, I'm usually out somewhere in the west, having my last shoot of the year, enjoying the soft pink light, warm but not stiffling hot days and our remaining western wild horses...this year I did something a lil different. Seeing these horses has been a dream for so many years. I'm so grateful to have finally been able to make it happen(there were challenges).

Having seen wild horses in so many different regions, one thing...


Labor Day weekend? How did we get here?...Its been awhile since I have written...usually something sorta "hits" me and I feel the desire to share thoughts or experiences. 2014 has proven to be a bit more "inward". Time has been spent on the ranges, and more trips are planned before years end. I'm with my horses everyday, riding again is the best thing EVER~ new galleries, new work and time with my thoughts...thoughts about the future ~...


I have always enjoyed this magazine so it is such an honor to have been included in this months issue of ORGANIC SPA. An enormous thank you to Zoe Helene not only for her support of my work but who is so moved by this issue wild horses are currently facing. Very grateful for her commitment and efforts in trying to make a difference.

I hope you can pick one up at your local Whole Foods or any of the many locations this magazine is...


Its February 1st, the Chinese New Year has officially started...the YEAR of the HORSE. Earlier today I ran across this long sleeve white t-shirt that was made for me back in February 2002. I literally hadn't laid eyes on it in years(scary...as my closet is NOT that big). I was fortunate to travel to China to visit a friend and book work on a TV show called Flatland starring Dennis Hopper. Not realizing I was arriving on the first night of...


Enjoy this Wondrous Season

with Freedom & Grace

May hope fill your heart which fills your home

May riches unknown become your own

May you walk with lightness and know your way

May love surround each and every day

May you realize the blessings you already possess

and be moved to share with those who have less

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Written by Zoe Helene of the Huffington Post. She is another perfect example of how voice, art and the written word can help make a difference. Thank You Zoe ~ My gratitude for your belief, dedication and what you have done is enormous.

If you enjoy this article PLEASE leave a comment on the Post's site...they monitor these comments and the issue will gain momentum if they see that people are moved to care ~

May further awareness...


Extremely excited for this upcoming show in Tulsa, wish you could all join me there. To everyone who has been part of this journey you'll be there in spirit, I know...Thank You. I say that with a huge heart...thank you. This show, my hope, is the start of something I have been dreaming about for years, literally a dream, set into action, moving into reality...looking forward to sharing that vision in the coming months...until then...


The recent months have truly been a whirlwind...I'm very used to this time of year being on the go but this year has been different...

In May I visited the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in SD. 13k acres of ruggid and rich territory, steeped in history and heritage with two people who work tirelessly to keep it afloat, Dayton O. Hyde...


In personal news ~ I have adopted a wild horse from the Great Divide Basin of Wyoming. I have been to this area twice and will be back in June. Although all my wild horse trips are wonderful, personal and deeply spiritual, this area was so special to me. The horses were amazing and just seemed to turn up and present themselves more than I ever could have imagined. A gorgeous grey stallion, forever embedded on my heart was one of the most...


:: Grace & Poise ::

Young Wyoming Wild Filly

This badly wounded filly could not move swiftly, her family was not about to leave her side. Her father, a grey stallion whom I deemed my "unicorn" was thankfully a leader, a strong stallion with the absence of scars or battle wounds on his regal body. His harem, all grey mares, his offspring, all grey. Not a stitch of color in the herd, ethereal...